Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

Announcing winner, News and cards

Hello there,

So here I am..back for the announcement of the winner for the Giveaway.
And the winner is...............................................................................................................................................................
CinnamonSally...................................Sally, Congratulations...your name came out of my drawing....
Please let me know your adress.
Thanks to all for your kind comments.
i really enjoeyed it and apreciate this so much!!!

I have been already in my appartement, but have only a bed for the moment.but no problem..
i was painting the walls.

 i saw some nice neigbours out of the window of my bedroom

The mornings i went to the bakery, and had breakfast here:

kids were having fun...

And i did my last performances of My Fair lady.
Now the theatre is closed until August.

At the university i have to teach until the end of July.
Next tuesday there is a farewell party for the training officer of my theological students.
we sing 3 choir pieces as a surprise, and i do one solo song.
i never did chior rehearsals.we had fun, but it was hard work.
this is where i give singing lessons and do the rehearsals:

from the roof garden you have a great view....

in my last post i forgot to say that there is a little shop near my city (Breisach) where there sell my cards now.
The woman was so thrilled about my cards that she and her husband made this wondeful display, only for my cards..

Today i was invited to sell cards at a little market for all kind of hobby artists..
i had a really nice place, and i demonstrated how i make my cards.
peole were really nice and interested.
my neighbour, a nice woman who made lovley sewing things, bought 12 cards..

hope you enjoy your summer..
i hope i will later on..;-)
i take every free moment to enjoy what wonderful things are out there.

Here are my cards from the last weeks:

here i have an inspiring photo for those coming cards:

i want to close my post again with music.
There were so many people i thought about the last weeks.
A friend of mine lost her mother to cancer.
It is a hard time for all those people who are strugging with the loss of somebody.
Not only death makes feel you alone, also the break of a relationship.
Another fried of mine has a hard time too.
Because i really like John Rutter, i want to share with you another song.
Lux eterna, a peaceful last piece of the Requiem of John Rutter.
It has a soprano solo part.
And some years ago i sung this myself. this one and the other song from the Requiem, the pie jesu ,touched me so deep.
a fantastic work of music.:
lux eternam

Have a nice week,
i really send a big hug to you all,


  1. Glad to see your happenings! Your working environment is beautiful! I love the display of your cards! I am sure they will be sold very quickly! Alles Gute!

  2. Hi Franziska, congrats on your new appartment. Hope this will give you peace in your life. Your cards are fabulous again and how wonderful it is to see them in the shop for sale.
    Enjoy your summer!

  3. Beautiful post, Franziska :) Congratulations on finding an outlet for selling your gorgeous work. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your photographs - thank you for sharing a part of your world!

  4. your music and video took my breath away .. so very beautiful Franziska. Congratulations on all of your wonderful
    blessings!! I am so happy and excited for you and I love that you shared all these wonderful things .. I have enjoyed every moment on your blog today .. wishing you much happiness in your new home! love Susanne

  5. Hi Franziska, firstly thank you so much for picking my name for your little giveaway, I will flickr mail you my address. Secondly love to see all your amazing photographs. Your flat is beautiful, hope you are settling in OK. Always love seeing your nature shots and lucky you that your cards are selling in a shop. They are all so beautiful I bet they will soon sell out.
    Have a great summer

  6. WOW! I love all your pictures! Good luck in your new apartment. I especially love the display that was made to sell your cards-I hope you sell a ton :)

  7. Your new flat looks perfect and practical! Hope you will settle in well! I am a real fan of your cards and always enjoy seeing each and every one, thanks for sharing so many beautiful photos!
    (Just to let you know, you have word verification on which is very hard to read - it would be a blessing if you turned it off!!)

  8. What a beautiful blog post, Franziska! Thanks for sharing the photos of your new home, your neighborhood, your studio, the shop with your cards for sale and the art show table with your cards. And, lastly all of the cards you have made recently! You are such a talented gal and I love seeing your beautiful creations.

    Enjoy your apartment and your summer!

  9. I so enjoyed catching up with you - thanks for posting!

  10. Wow! I think it is really great that they are selling your cards, and even made a special display for you! Your cards are amazing, I would buy them :)
    Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures. Enjoyed reading through your post.

  11. O, all of your cards are so beautiful! Wish I was there, I would have bought a lot more than 12! I've been a follower, but sometimes blogger just removes some blogs I'm following... grrr.... or did you start a new blog?

  12. Wonderful photos of different elements of your life! Thanks for sharing Franziska.

  13. What a wonderful post! Thank you for the glimpse into such an interesting life, and one so different from mine, but with a shared interest in making beautiful things out of stamps, paper and ink.
    I was browsing through the Hero Arts Flickr group and I realized that so many, many of the cards that caught my eye there are yours!

  14. Hi Franziska, wonderful photos and some great cards. I just want to let you know that I have nominated you for a Leibster Award. Please find details on my blog:

  15. hallo franziska, ich bin irgendwie auf umwegen auf deinem blog gelandet und hoffe, dich so kontakten zu können. ich bin auf der suche nach einer bestellmöglichkeit von papertrey ink-produkten um die zoll- und portokosten zu verringern und habe einen alten eintrag von dir auf dem blog "a pasion for papertrey" gefunden dem ich entnehme, daß du da damals (anfang2012) bestellt hast und auch eine sammelbestellung machen würdest. ist das noch aktuell? würde mich deiner nächsten bestellung sehr sehr grne anschließen!! :) wäre toll, wenn du dich melden würdest!
    lg katrin