Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012

First of May

hello everyone,

Hope you have a nice and sunny first of May!!
I enjoy having a weekend free..
Took a walk this morning, and saw that the lilacs are in full bloom.
i am so addictef to that smell.
love when the wind comes in the right direction and brings it through my window.
That is such a fantastc time in the year.

But i really realize that every season has it´s Beauty.
It´s the same with the different ages of people.
You can discover so many beautiful things in every age.
I still do my meditation and Mindfulness based stress reduction, which is so helpful.
Here is an interview with Jon Kabat-zinn:

This week i have to teach and sing performances, so i will be away for a while.
Share with you some inspiration and cards from these days:

 Look at that little family, the babies are so sweet....
 made a ring of a cherry flower...
 those turtles are in the parc..there are so many.when the sun shines they have their place on this tree..
 look at those birdies..love them so much..

 i wish i could post the smell of lilac, it is so intensive...it makes you dream away..

 this weekend my mom showed me how to make rhubarb juice, love that so much

 just a great color too!!!
love to drink it with ice and banana juice.put togehter..so refreshing...

And now the cards:

hope you enjoed it,
wishing you a nice week and a lovely month of may!!!

Hugs, Franziska


  1. it was so lovely to read your blog today - beautiful photographs - we had such an early spring here that my lilacs have already bloomed and gone. watched the jon kabat video - i have his book, "wherever you go, there you are". as always your cards are so gorgeous - yours and jacqueline's are some of my favorites because you do the grid cards so well and use my favorite colors.

  2. Gorgeous cards and I love the pictures. I adore lilacs and they smell heavenly! Those little turtles are adorable! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your beautiful new cards and your fabulous photography too! The photos are all wonderful almost like I can smell those wonderful fresh lilacs.

    I also think those tiny turtles are super cute! Natures is such a nice thing!!

  4. I always see your artistic cards in the Hero Arts Flickr group, but today I discovered your blog. Loved reading this post, the pictures are really amazing, and so are the cards :) You are a true stamper! By the way, those pictures of ladies...are they stamps too? they look very realistic.

  5. I love seeing your photos, Franziska, you always capture such wonderful little moments! Your cards are amazing, you've totally inspired me today! Hugs~

  6. Your photograps are stunning Franziska, obviously you are having alot better weather than the UK at the moment. Its so dull and lots of rain. Love to see all the gorgeous flowers. Your cards are stunning too they have a real vintage feeling to them.

  7. Franziska your photographs are so beautiful, you must be having much better weather than us in the UK, its so dull and lots of rain. Your cards are gorgeous too love the vintage look to them, you are very inspiring. Have a great weekend.

  8. What a treat to see your cards and photos! I miss seeing Germany!I love rhubarb/strawberry pies, but have yet to try rhubarb juice!! Alles gute!