Montag, 25. Juni 2012

Summer cards, good news and GIVEAWAY

Hi there,

Has been a long time with no post and news.
But now... here i am:
Found a new place to live in Frankfurt.
I was looking for a place for almost 1 year.
It was incredibly difficult.
But here i will live: Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt .
1 minute to go to the Main riverside

i will move there finally in July, because now i have performances , concerts and rehearsals..
But i have the keys already..
The last weeks have been so busy.
But i love to take the little time i have to go into the woods and nature.
i would like to invite you to come with me to the black forest..

Strawberries have been ripe..absolutely love the TIRAMISU recipe with strawberries and rhubarb juice..
very easy to make..

Here are my cards i made the last weeks:

and to celebrate my blog ...think i started last year around this time..
i have a GIVEAWAY:

embossing folder VENUS and some embellishments..
please leave a comment.
i will draw a winner on 15 July.

Hope you have a great Summer week...
Yesterday has been the longest day..incredible how time flies...

thanks for looking, if you like visit me at flickr:

i am very thankful for all i receive from you.
want to let you hear this.
a song which i prepare with a little choir of my students:
The Lord bless you and keep you!!

Many Hugs from Germany,



  1. Hi Franziska, great to see all your photos, your new flat looks wonderful. I love all your shots of the Black forest too, such a pretty area. My, you have been really busy creating too, all those beautiful cards obviously inspired by that stunning scenery. Good luck with your move.
    Sally x

  2. LOVE the pictures, Franziska!!! Beautiful apartment and gorgeous scenery! Congrats to you on the apartment and your one year blog anniversary!

  3. your cards are so remarkable. Every card is full of texture, light and color. Then with each card you can see where you gave it the gift of life.
    beautiful post, thank you for sharing. the Oz

  4. Love seeing your new place in Frankfurt, Franziska!! REALLY lovely apartment you found. Ziemlich nett! I am so happy that you are settling down in Frankfurt. I hope that you still have time for card-making and nature! HUGS! Love all of your creatisons--wie immer! Liebe greusse von Canada

  5. So Happy for you Franziska!!! Yeah a place to call home!!! LOVE the video!! So relaxing and calming! I have watched it twice already and will watch it again! :) BEAUTIFUL!! Also love your cards and all the pictures. It is so pretty there! Keep up the awsome inspiration! :)

  6. OH my, what a plethora of incredible photographs, Franziska :)
    Your apartment looks beautiful - gorgeous floors and a little balcony, you must be very excited. Hopefully you will find some time to get back into the country for visits.

    Stunning card, I positively drooled over a couple of them,

    Take care - hope the move goes nice and smoothly :)

  7. Franziska, I always come away from your posts with a sense of peace, but your adding that beautiful piece of music put me over the top tonight!! I have that recording, and have always loved it, but haven't listened to it in a long time.....thank you for the link....may I also share it on my blog?

    Please keep these wonderful pictures of your country and your cards coming and I'd love if you shared more music that is special to you, also!

    Sending hugs, Lin

  8. Oh what a wonderful visit to your blog .. in every way. I am so happy for you Franziska .. I knew .. I knew ..that you found your place ! It's perfect .. I love the windows and the beautiful floors.. can't wait to see how you will decorate. Your choir put tears in my eyes .. so beautiful .. wishing you so much happiness and blessings in your new home. love Susanne

  9. This blog is AWESOME and I LOVE your new place! It is GORGEOUS!!! CONGRATS on the new place as well as your blog turning 1 year. Thanks so much for the are so kind!

  10. Hello, Franziska, you are so talented and fantastically productive. I love your artistic talent and style. May you have a smooth move and nice neighbors!

  11. Hi, Franziska! So happy for you that you found a place to live - and a very beautiful one, too!!

    Your photos of the black forest are gorgeous as usual. I know how much you love being there.

    And, your cards are always so amazing to see. You have such a way with putting various elements together to make one beautiful whole!!!

    The music video was the icing on the cake!! Thanks for a wonderful post, Franziska.

  12. Congratulations on finding an apartment (it looks beautiful and spacious)! I love your photographs of nature and your beautiful cards!

  13. I had so much fun reading your blog, congrats on your 1 year anniversary, your apartment is beautiful and the surrounds are just so stunning, loved listening to the singing too....amazing!!!!

  14. Your cards and photographs are lovely, you're very creative. Good luck in your new home.

  15. Congratulations on your new apartment! I know how hard it is to find a decent space in Frankfurt. Love your pictures and your cards!

  16. What a fabulous post! I love the pics you shared of your new home and the lovely scenery...what a great area.

    I also enjoyed seeing all your wonderful cards and your yummy cooking too!

    :) Best wished on your move! :)


  17. Congratulations Franziska! Love the photos and your cards. Thanks for sharing!!

  18. Love your new apt, the pics of the black forest - your cards are gorgeous as always.

  19. Good luck with the move, Franziska. I enjoyed seeing the beautiful pictures of the Black Forest.

  20. Hi Franziska...bist du in Deutschland geboren...ich bin in Muenchen seit 2001 und Ich habe sehr froh das noch eine Frau die in Flickr Gruppe aus Deutschland ist :) I am sorry with my German but I try my best...may I ask your mail address...wir können emailen :) Schöne Apartment (dont put my name to be the giveaway I dont have any cuttlebug maschine :) shy...but that is true :) )

    Liebe Gruesse

    Monika Reeck

  21. Hi Franzika, I am glad you finally found an apartment. It looks lovely and the view is gorgeous!
    Happy blogiversary.

  22. I just love looking at all the nature pictures you take. They are all so breathtakingly beautiful! Your cards are equally amazing :)
    I am glad you finally got a chance to post. I was coming by from time to time to see if you had posted anything :)

  23. Super, dass du eine passende Wohnung gefunden hast! Deine Karten und Impressionen aus dem Schwarzwald sind wie immer wunderschön.

  24. Hi there .... I love your photos. Your new apartment looks lovely. And your cards are really lovely

  25. Lieve Franziska,
    Ben net terug uit Nederland - sorry I didn't pop by earlier, so busy at the moment. I truly love your pictures and your beautiful cards, you are an inspiration! Hope to be back soon!
    Jacqueline x

  26. Congratulation for your new apartment... Good luck with the move and enjoy new place!!!